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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-01The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the preservice teacher practicum : a literature reviewVancell, Joseph
2018Digital learning in small and medium-sized enterprises : is it a valid alternative to traditional training?Vancell, Joseph; Patala, Teemu
2018e-Learning for older workers in SMEs? : the perceptions of owners and workers in Maltese microenterprisesVancell, Joseph
2019Effective evaluation for basic skills e-learning programmes : a conceptual framework and practical processVancell, Joseph
2006Einstein and beyondVancell, Joseph
2019Evaluation of operational workbased basic training programmesVancell, Joseph
2019Free digital distance learning for employability and social inclusion : the perceptions of migrants living on the Maltese IslandsVancell, Joseph; Patala, Teemu; Bruce, Alan
2018From face-to-face to online learning : the experiences and perceptions of non-traditional studentsVancell, Joseph
2017The information revolution after the Second World WarVancell, Joseph
2006Kepler, Newton, and the coming of age of scienceVancell, Joseph
2018Making the shift to e-learning : eliminating blocks and barriers to the effective and active participation of adult learners in online coursesVancell, Joseph
2019Micro-modular digital learning content design in a cloud-based collaboration environmentPatala, Teemu; Vancell, Joseph; Bruce, Alan
1997Night school and basic English–adult literacy education in Malta (1946–73)Vancell, Joseph
2018Online distance courses for older workers : a Maltese case studyVancell, Joseph
2020-09-03Online learning is not only about video conferencing - expertVancell, Joseph
2017The role of the mass media and social mediaDebono, M.; Vancell, Joseph
2006Science in antiquityVancell, Joseph
2019Skills for industry strategy. Online training : promoting opportunities for the workforce in Europe. Final reportExecutive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Vancell, Joseph
2003Trade union education and democratic participation : the case of MaltaEdward, Zammit; Saviour, Rizzo; Vancell, Joseph
2018The use of grounded theory in educational research: exploring the application of the methodology in an investigation on e-Learning in Maltese SMEsVancell, Joseph