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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The 4.2 ka event and the end of the Maltese “Temple Period”Groucutt, Huw S.; Carleton, W. Christopher; Fenech, Katrin; Gauci, Ritienne; Grima, Reuben; Scerri, Eleanor M. L.; Stewart, Mathew; Vella, Nicholas C.
2009Alla ricerca delle radici mediterranee : i templi megalitici di MaltaPessina, Andrea; Vella, Nicholas C.
2024Ancient glass from the island of Malta : a preliminary study of Phoenician-Punic, Roman and post-Roman findsGrima, Matthew; Anastasi, Maxine; Cardona, David; Gambin, Timmy; Mercieca-Spiteri, Bernardette; Vella, Nicholas C.; Cagno, Simone; Vella, Daniel A.
2020Archaeological studies of Maltese prehistory for the FRAGSUS Project 2013-2018Malone, Caroline; Stoddart, Simon; McLaughlin, Rowan; Vella, Nicholas C.
2011Archeologia e fascismo negli archivi di Luigi Maria UgoliniPessina, Andrea; Vella, Nicholas C.
2019Birth and prospects of a disciplineVella, Nicholas C.
2004Bones and bowls : a preliminary interpretation of the faunal remains from the Punic levels in Area B, at the temple of Tas-Silg, MaltaCorrado, Andre; Bonanno, Anthony; Vella, Nicholas C.
2011Borg in-Nadur : the excavations of Margaret A. Murray and David H. TrumpVella, Nicholas C.; Zammit, Maria Elena; Bugeja, Anton
2020Chapter 11 : conclusionsFrench, Charles; Hunt, Chris O.; Farrell, Michelle; Fenech, Katrin; McLaughlin, Rowan; Grima, Reuben; Vella, Nicholas C.; Schembri, Patrick J.; Stoddart, Simon; Malone, Caroline
2020Chapter 2 : chronology and stratigraphy of the valley systemsHunt, Chris O.; Farrell, Michelle; Fenech, Katrin; French, Charles; McLaughlin, Rowan; Blaauw, Maarten; Bennett, Jeremy; Flood, Rory P.; Pyne-O’Donnell, Sean D. F.; Reimer, Paula J.; Ruffell, Alastair; Cresswell, Alan J.; Kinnaird, Timothy C.; Sanderson, David C. W.; Taylor, Sean; Malone, Caroline; Stoddart, Simon; Vella, Nicholas C.
2020Chapter 4 : molluscan remains from the valley coresFenech, Katrin; Hunt, Chris O.; Vella, Nicholas C.; Schembri, Patrick J.
2020Chapter 7 : cultural landscapes from 2000 BC onwardsStoddart, Simon; Pace, Anthony; Cutajar, Nathaniel; Vella, Nicholas C.; McLaughlin, Rowan; Malone, Caroline; Meneely, John; Trump, David
2020Chapter 9 : locating potential pastoral foraging routes in Malta through the use of a Geographic Information SystemAlberti, Gianmarco; Grima, Reuben; Vella, Nicholas C.
2006Characterization of Maltese pottery of the Late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Punic Period by neutron activation analysisMommsen, Hans; Bonanno, Anthony; Chetcuti Bonavita, Kristian; Kakoulli, Ioanna; Musumeci, Martin; Sagona, Claudia; Schwedt, Alexander; Vella, Nicholas C.; Zacharias, N.; Maggetti, Marino; Messiga, Bruno
2020Conclusions [Temple places: Excavating cultural sustainability in prehistoric Malta]Malone, Caroline; Brogan, Catriona; Grima, Reuben; Parkinson, Eóin W.; McLaughlin, Rowan; Stoddart, Simon; Vella, Nicholas C.
2023The constrained formative feedback in doctoral examiner reportsChetcuti, Deborah A.; Cacciottolo, Joseph M.; Vella, Nicholas C.
2009-12Copy or authentic : analysis of a Phoenician gold ring from the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta, MaltaVella, Daniel A.; Licari, James; Vella, Nicholas C.; Sultana, Sharon; Ciantar, Vanessa
2006Debating orientalization : multidisciplinary approaches to change in the ancient MediterraneanRiva, Corinna; Vella, Nicholas C.
2016-12Digging up stories untoldMarter, Shelby; Vella, Nicholas C.
2023Doctoral school annual lectureVella, Nicholas C.