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Title: Characterization of Maltese pottery of the Late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Punic Period by neutron activation analysis
Authors: Mommsen, Hans
Bonanno, Anthony
Chetcuti Bonavita, Kristian
Kakoulli, Ioanna
Musumeci, Martin
Sagona, Claudia
Schwedt, Alexander
Vella, Nicholas C.
Zacharias, N.
Keywords: Pottery, Ancient -- Malta
Archaeology -- Methodology -- Malta
Archaeological dating -- Malta
Archaeological chemistry -- Malta
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: The Geological Society
Citation: Hommsen, H., Bonanno, A., Chectcuti Bonavita, K., Kakoulli, I., Musumeci, M., Sagona, C., Schwedt, A., Vella, Nicholas C., & Zacharias, N. (2006). Characterization of Maltese pottery of the Late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Punic Period by neutron activation analysis. In M. Maggetti, & B. Messiga (Eds.), Geomaterials in cultural heritage (pp. 81-89). London: The Geological Society.
Abstract: A set of 41 samples from Tas-Silg, Malta, has been analysed by neutron activation. It contained nine ware groups formed by visual examination covering the Late Neolithic, Bronze Age and Punic Periods (c. 3000–218 BC). Despite this diversity and long time range, seven of these ware groups, including the ‘Thermi Ware’, all have a similar chemical composition and, therefore, have been made from the same clay. This points most probably to a local origin. One group from the Punic Period, containing only Bricky Red cooking ware, is chemically separate and represents a second distinct pattern probably assignable to a local production. Five amphora sherds also from the Punic Period, and consisting of a micaceous fabric, all have different chemical characteristics and are probably imports from overseas production sites of unknown location.
ISBN: 1862391955
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