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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1962Il-Palestina - art maqsumaCornille, Carlo
2002The impact of Palestinian-Israeli conflict on the rights of Palestinian minorsBatarseh, Tamara (2002)
2004The impact of war and conflict on Palestinian womenMifsud, Maria (2004)
2008The impact of water shortage on the Middle East peace processEllul, Alexandra (2008)
2006Intractability of the inherent difficulties in the Israeli-Palestinian peace-processMateeva, Tanya (2006)
1959L-imhatra fuq il-BibbjaJamin, Ben
2008Laqgha internazzjonali tal-Gnus Maqghuda fuq il-kwistjoni tal-PalestinaChircop, Twanny
1971Legal aspects of air piracyMuscat Azzopardi, Godwin
2008The legal notion of the state with particular reference to Palestinian statehoodMuscat, Veronique
2017-12Managing security challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean areaCalleya, Stephen
2010Mediation in the 21st century : a case study of the Annapolis Peace ConferenceTabone, Chantelle (2010)
2001The Middle East peace process : the history and prospects of the Oslo accordsElvatun, Knut (2001)
2021Naming PalestineDor, Tal
1959Naqra ta' MuzewElsie
2002Norway and the Middle East peace process : past involvement, mediation efforts, outcomeHayatla, Mutasem (2002)
2004The Palestinian - Israeli Conflict : towards a possible solutionCassar, Mario (2004)
2003The Palestinian authority responsibility for human rights and the rule of law in its controlled areas (1994-2000)Kayyal, Suzan (2003)
2010Palestinians, education, and the Israeli “industry of fear”Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera
2011-07Paying tribute to Professor Guido de MarcoKhader, Bichara
2015Regional water cooperation in the Arab – Israeli conflict : a case study of the West BankBoer, Lutine Frijda de