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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Journal of Baroque Studies - Vol.1, No.3, 2015 [Journal Review]Scerri, Louis J.
1965Journal of the Faculty of Arts : volume 3 : issue 1Aquilina, J.; Farley Hills, David L.
2019The Knights of Malta, 1530-1793 : aspects of military-religious masculinityButtigieg, Emanuel; Davies, Franco; Brincat, Fleur
1938La dignità del priore della Chiesa, la ven.da assemblea dei cappellani conventuali e i fra cappellani dell’Ordine nel codice gerosolimitano alla luce del diritto canonicoPsaila Cumbo, J.
2015The largely unsung history of Malta’s bellsGrima, Noel
2016Lines of defence [Book Review]University of Malta. International Institute for Baroque Studies
1913L’Ordine di Malta e le scienze mediche (1048-1912) : studi e ricerce sulla storia del sovrano Ordine di MaltaFedeli, Carlo
1986Malta through the ages (8) : the changing face of the Maltese IslandsBorg, Joseph
2016Malta – the splendour of its Baroque architectureDe Lucca, Denis
2007Malta, un avamposto di nostalgia cavallerescaMercieca, Simon
2015-04Map stamps of the Sovereign Military Order of MaltaWolfersberger, David
1987Mgr Salvatore ImbrollGalea, Michael
2008The Order of St. John and MaltaCassar, Carmel
1999-08An overview of a problem in Hospitaller naval historiographyDebono, Joseph Anthony
2013'Pacto canfraternitas fraternitatis' : the confederation of the Knights of St John and the Knights of St George : an overlooked episode in the history of the Order of MaltaFreller, Thomas
2016Public lectures outreach programme - 2015/16University of Malta. International Institute for Baroque Studies
2017‘Sanctify yourselves and be holy’ : Hospitallers and their Counter-Reformation saintsEbejer, Matthias
2015Scale models and the coastal fortifications of MaltaSpiteri, Stephen C.
2014The sovereign military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta – a general history of the Order of MaltaButtigieg, Emanuel
2015A timeless gentleman [Book Review]Vella, Theresa