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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Anti-phishing toolkitRizzo, Matthew (2005)
2019Blue Lives 2019Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2020-06Blue Lives 2020Bartolo Haidon, Rodienne; Malta Police Force
2016Cyber crime : a new maritime security threat?Gatt, Giulia
2014Cybercrime in organisations in 2030 : a strategic foresight exerciseCremona, Abigail (2014)
2013-11Detecting web server take-over attacks through objective verification actionsVella, Mark Joseph; Terzis, Sotirios
2014Digital rights : balancing the legal rights of different stakeholders on the internetCappitta, Gianluca
2012Distress detection (poster abstract)Vella, Mark Joseph; Terzis, Sotirios; Roper, Marc
2012Driving along the cyber highway : an end users' perception of security and privacy in today's digital societyBajada, Anne Marie
2021EtherClue : digital investigation of attacks on Ethereum smart contractsAquilina, Simon Joseph; Casino, Fran; Vella, Mark Joseph; Ellul, Joshua; Patsakis, Constantinos
2022Financial cybercrimes in Poland : in the search of victimization factorsGarlicki, Jan; Mider, Daniel
2021Game! crime? The shadow economy around digital games as a playground for cybercrimePfeiffer, Alexander; RĂ¼diger, Thomas-Gabrie; Bezzina, Stephen; Kriglstein, Simone; Wernbacher, Thomas
2015-09Il-Pulizija : volume 22, no. 3 : 2015Buhagiar Muscat, Graziella
2015The impact of cyber espionage : changing perceptions with the US vis-a-vis the TransatlanticPatton, Cliffard A.
2012Legal aspects of distributed denial of service attacksSchembri, Katia (2012)
2015Lex Personalitatis & technology-driven lawCannataci, Joseph A.
2023The metaverse, a platform for virtual crime? : an analysis on the perceptions of subject matter expertsAttard, Joseph (2023)
2007A multi-tier, multi-role security framework for e-commerce systemsCachia, Ernest; Micallef, Mark
2001The notion of hacking in computer crime : a comparative analysis of computer crime legislationCamilleri, Kevin A.
2019Platforms regulation in the digital single market strategy-illegal content and intellectual property as a key challengeBerisha, Blerim