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Title: Game! crime? The shadow economy around digital games as a playground for cybercrime
Authors: Pfeiffer, Alexander
Rüdiger, Thomas-Gabrie
Bezzina, Stephen
Kriglstein, Simone
Wernbacher, Thomas
Keywords: Computer crimes
Identity theft
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Published by Academic Conferences International Limited
Citation: Pfeiffer, A., Rüdiger, T. G., Bezzina, S., Kriglstein, S., & Wernbacher, T. (2021). Game! crime? The shadow economy around digital games as a playground for cybercrime. 16th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security ICCWS 2021. 267-271.
Abstract: The games segment is growing steadily and is a major part of the entertainment industry. In particular, the Free2Play games, or games that primarily rely on mechanics like in-game purchases which are playable on mobile devices, play an important role. In the context of virtual items, online role-playing games and multiplayer online battle arenas, still account for a significant share of total sales. The loop is completed with esports, that is competitive digital gaming for real cash prizes. As such, esports can certainly be seen as one of the major trends, and consequently a part of the gaming industry that should be in focus, with regard to potential criminal behaviour. This article discusses cybercrime in relation to digital games and its various forms. The focus of the paper is the players' perspective on the issue of cyber-crime around the world of digital games. For this purpose, a focus group with players has been conducted to discuss various aspects that have been identified through desk-research.
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