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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis of transmission/reflection methods for complex permittivity determination using waveguidesBorg Cappello, Stephanie Anne (2015)
2016Directive 2013/35/EU for electromagnetic fields of workers' exposure and working from the ladder near a 400 kV power lineKorpinen, Leena; Paakkonen, Rauno; Farrugia, Lourdes; Tarao, Hiroo; Gobba, Fabriziomaria
2005Electrical and magnetic performance of the LHC short straight sectionsSanfilippo, Stephane; Beauquis, J.; Bottura, Luca; Buzio, Marco; Coccoli, Mirco; Garcia Perez, Juan; Pugnat, Pierre; Sammut, Nicholas; Siemko, Andrzej; Smirnov, Nikolai E.; Stafiniak, Andrzej; Wildner, Elena
2021Manufacturing process anomaly detection in RF cavitiesAgius, Ryan (2021)
2013Near-field electromagnetic field characteristics of telecommunication antennasVella, Stephen (2013)
2019Single-sided collimation and the effects on beam cleaning and impedance in the LHCKodjaandreev, Dimitr Petkov (2019)
2010Small size multi-band microstrip patch antenna for a multipurpose mobile communication terminalMagri, Christopher Joseph (2010)
2020Testing the violation of the equivalence principle in the electromagnetic sector and its consequences in f(T) gravitySaid, Jackson; Mifsud, Jurgen; Parkinson, David; Saridakis, Emmanuel N.; Sultana, Joseph; Zarb Adami, Kristian
2020Topological transport and quantum estimation theory in optomechanical systemsSanavio, Claudio Massimiliano (2020)