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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Adolescents and faith : a special focus on femalesDeBono, Marisa
2014Against all odds : resilience in the face of breast cancerMillo, Jessica Marie
2009Assessing the correlation of creativity and foresight : a grounded theory-related approachSchwarzer, Martin (2009)
2016-05Dual agency in critical care nursing : balancing responsibilities towards colleagues and patientsTrapani, Josef; Scholes, Julie; Cassar, Maria
2019An exploration of attitudes towards psychological interventions for pain management amongst Maltese pain chronic sufferersPortelli, Pamela
2014Exploring the trajectories of male perpetrators of intimate partner violence : a grounded theory approachBarbara, Darlinka
2017A grounded theory of attitudes towards online psychological pain management interventions in chronic pain patientsPortelli, Pamela; Eldred, Clare
2014A grounded theory of therapy with adolescents who witness domestic violence at homeCassar Annati, Franica
2016Mediterranean melting pot : exploring the adaptation process of Maltese intercultural marriagesGalea, Thomas
2017Service design innovation for aquarium customer valueSelvarasu, A.; Sankaran, A.
2009A trip within the boundary walls : understanding group formations and youth cultureButtigieg, Lorraine (2009)
2018Understanding the role social media plays in brand communication for start-up companiesBorg Costanzi, Edward
2018The use of grounded theory in educational research: exploring the application of the methodology in an investigation on e-Learning in Maltese SMEsVancell, Joseph