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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969Abnormalities of hemoglobin A₂Vella, Francis
2014Control of globin gene expression by Kruppel-like factorsGrech, Laura; Borg, Joseph
2012The effect of modifier genes on foetal haemoglobin in the Maltese population.Scerri, Gary
2012The effects of trans-regulatory loci on globin gene controlDaw, Amal Mohammed
2012The efficacy of self-monitoring of blood glucose in non-insulin dependent type two diabetes.Saliba, Jean Paul
2017Epoetin Beta in the management of chemotherapy-induced anaemia in adultsCutajar, Alison
2014-10Factors influencing haemoglobin levels in chronic medicine usersJoslin, Rebecca; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; Azzopardi, Lilian M.
2012The further development of DNA pooling for gene discovery and public health genomicsBugeja, Marisa
2019-10Haemoglobin point-of-care testingScicluna, Martina; Wirth, Francesca; Azzopardi, Lilian M.
2019Haemoglobin point-of-care testingScicluna, Martina
1970Hereditary diaphorase deficiency methemoglobinemia in Maltese familiesVassallo, Luis A.; Cauchi, Maurice N.
2000In vivo expression of the G γ globin gene of foetal haemoglobinPulis, Svetlana
2009The influence of dietary intake on blood glucose control in children with type 1 diabetes mellitus.Agius, Doriette
2018Intravenous and subcutaneous Epoetin administration in the maintenance of optimal haemoglobin levels in end-stage renal failure patients on haemodialysisSpiteri, Melanie Ann
2012Investigating the frequency of the G23D mutation causing DHPR deficiency in the Maltese population.Tabone, Christine
2017Promoter assays of the human KLF1 geneCamilleri, Sephora
1996The use of anti-fetal haemoglobin antibodies for the enrichment of fetal cells from the maternal circulation.Sant, Rosalie A.
1970Variants of hemoglobin F and observations on hemoglobin F (Malta)Brown, I.R.F.; Grech, J.L.