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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1990Abnormal haemoglobins and thalassaemia in MaltaFelice, Alex; Grech, J. L.
1969Abnormalities of hemoglobin A₂Vella, Francis
1985(Aγδβ)ο-Thalassaemia in Blacks is due to a deletion of 34 kbp of DNAHenthorn, P. S.; Smithies, O.; Nakatsuji, T.; Felice, Alex; Gardiner, M. B.; Reese, A. L.; Huisman, T. H. J.
2014Control of globin gene expression by Kruppel-like factorsGrech, Laura; Borg, Joseph J.
1984Deletions and duplications of α or ζ globin genes in children with sickle cell anemiaFelice, Alex; McKie, Virgil C.; McKie, Kathleen M.; Huisman, T. H. J.
1986Dense cell formation in pediatric and adolescent patients with sickle cell diseaseAbraham, E. C.; Bergherm, B.; Felice, Alex; McKie, Virgil C.; Abraham, A.; McKie, Kathleen M.
n.d.Developmental hematology of homozygous HB C diseaseMcKie, Virgil C.; McKie, Kathleen M.; Kutlar, A.; Felice, Alex
1985Developmental hematology of SS and SC disease in association with α-thalassemia-2Felice, Alex; Marino, E. M.; McKie, Kathleen M.; McKie, Virgil C.
2018Differential expression of KLF1 in family studies and their role in globin gene switchingGrech, Laura; Cutajar, Jeremy; Caruana, Mary Rose; Scerri, Christian A.; Galdies, Ruth; Formosa, Robert; Borg, Joseph J.; Felice, Alex E.
1984The effect of deletions and reduplications on the expression of human α and ζ globin genesFelice, Alex; McKie, Kathleen M.; McKie, Virgil C.; Huisman, T. H. J.
2012The effect of modifier genes on foetal haemoglobin in the Maltese population.Scerri, Gary
2012The effects of trans-regulatory loci on globin gene controlDaw, Amal Mohammed
2012The efficacy of self-monitoring of blood glucose in non-insulin dependent type two diabetesSaliba, Jean Paul (2012)
2017Epoetin Beta in the management of chemotherapy-induced anaemia in adultsCutajar, Alison
1987Erythropoiesis inhibitory factor(s) in polycythemia veraLewis, J. P.; Faguet, G. B.; Tsai, J. F. L.; Felice, Alex
2014-10Factors influencing haemoglobin levels in chronic medicine usersJoslin, Rebecca; Serracino-Inglott, Anthony; Azzopardi, Lilian M.
2012The further development of DNA pooling for gene discovery and public health genomicsBugeja, Marisa
1987Globin gene organisation and expressionZhao, J.; Chui, D. H. K.; Felice, Alex
1991Haemoglobin : model strategies for molecular diseaseScerri, Christian A.; Felice, Alex
2019Haemoglobin point-of-care testingScicluna, Martina