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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Allozyme genetic variability in the sea cucumber (holothuria polii) around the Maltese IslandsSpiteri, David; Vella, Adriana
2004An analysis of Croatia's diplomatic historyBonich, Alexander Rudolf (2004)
2008An analysis of the Mediterranean dimension of Malta's foreign policyCassar, Lavinia (2008)
2005Aspects of illegal migration in the MediterraneanBianco, Emanuel Angelo (2005)
2015-04Black coralAgius, R.J.
2013Can jetties replace rocky shores?Duca, Edward
2002A comparative study of women's political rights : Europe and Southern MediterraneanAl-Azzeh, Ahmad (2002)
2002The concept of conflict prevention : the case of the MediterraneanDebono, Joseph (2002)
1999Energy : an important issue in the policies of the Euro-Mediterranean partnersButtigieg, Charles (1999)
2004Europe's Mediterranean coast : the challenge of illegal immigrationCassar, David (2004)
2013-03Europe, culture and the southern MediterraneanXuereb, Karsten
2001European Union - Mediterranean relations : expectations and experiences with special reference to the period following the second enlargementDebono, Anna Maria (2001)
2015-04Fast fish, slow fish, little fish, big fishSchembri, Sarah
2010The federal republic of Germany's foreign policy towards the Mediterranean : case study : the union for the MediterraneanBorg, Deborah Maria (2010)
1996'Fundamentalism', pluralism, and education : a Euro-Mediterranean perspectiveCallus, Maria (1996)
2015Gabu bidla : program 7Pirotta, Joe; Borg, Joe
2015-09Gateway for migrant rescue in the MediterraneanZarb Adami, Kris
2006Grajjet bahartna 1 : program 1-16Xuereb, Charles
2007Grajjet bahartna 2 : program 1-3Xuereb, Charles
1977Il-folklor Malti u l-folklor tal-MediterranMifsud Chircop, Ġorġ