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Title: The first traces of education in Gozo
Authors: Attard, G.
Keywords: Education -- Malta -- Gozo -- History
Christian educators -- Malta -- Gozo -- History
Augustinians -- Malta -- Gozo
Universities and colleges -- Malta -- Gozo -- History
Education -- Finance
Gozo College -- History
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Malta : Ninu Cremona Lyceum Complex
Citation: Attard, G. (1998). The first traces of education in Gozo. Ninu Cremona Complex : annual 1997/98, 9-14.
Abstract: Education is one of the most ancient concerns of mankind. Its history is largely the history of development of Society. The teaching of skills and knowledge to the young, whatever the forms and methods it takes, is a phenomenon known even to primitive man. The Phoenicians had their schools; so too the Egyptians. The classical Greeks were famous for their learning. The Romans considered themselves practical men and their education was closely associated with law, rhetoric, military and science and the art of government. Even the Church fostered the provision of schools throughout the ages. Learning was preserved in monasteries and in Seminaries during the Middle Ages. Yet during the course of human history, there came times when education as a whole lost its vitality and meaning. What system of education did ever exist in Malta and Gozo during all these times? It is common knowledge to all scholars of local history that our forefathers were able to acquire a rich culture. This highly elevated culture is forever reflected in monuments which are the pride of our race. But no documentary evidence survives to throw light on any existing educational system in the classical and early Christian era. Nor have we any records of established schools at one time or another. One may perhaps assume that some form of private schooling existed in the first millennium of the Christian era, run by ecclesiastics. This assumption gathers more weight when it is considered in the light of knowledge of the civilizing mission the Church had committed itself to. The Gozo Universita or Commune was first instituted in the fourteenth century to serve local interests and administer the daily affairs of the island. 8 There can be hardly any doubt about it that this local institution, like its counterpart in Malta, did everything in its power to better the standards of education in Gozo. Still, this cannot be confirmed until the second half of the sixteenth century. In fact the first written evidence to be found still existing as regards to education in Gozo goes back to the 12th February of the year 1574.
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