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Title: Frame rate vs resolution : a subjective evaluation of spatiotemporal perceived quality under varying computational budgets
Authors: Debattista, Kurt
Bugeja, Keith
Spina, Sandro
Hulusic, V.
Keywords: Rendering (Computer graphics)
Computer graphics
Computer software -- Human factors
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Citation: Debattista, K., Bugeja, K., Spina, S., Bashford‐Rogers, T., & Hulusic, V. (2018). Frame rate vs resolution: A subjective evaluation of spatiotemporal perceived quality under varying computational budgets. Computer Graphics Forum, 37(1), 363-374.
Abstract: Maximizing performance for rendered content requires making compromises on quality parameters depending on the computational resources available . Yet, it is currently unclear which parameters best maximize perceived quality. This work investigates perceived quality across computational budgets for the primary spatiotemporal parameters of resolution and frame rate. Three experiments are conducted. Experiment 1 (n = 26) shows that participants prefer fixed frame rates of 60 frames per second (fps) at lower resolutions over 30 fps at higher resolutions. Experiment 2 (n = 24) explores the relationship further with more budgets and quality settings and again finds 60 fps is generally preferred even when more resources are available. Experiment 3 (n =25) permits the use of adaptive frame rates, and analyses the resource allocation across seven budgets. Results show that while participants allocate more resources to frame rate at lower budgets the situation reverses once higher budgets are available and a frame rate of around 40 fps is achieved. In the overall, the results demonstrate a complex relationship between frame rate and resolution’s effects on perceived quality. This relationship can be harnessed, via the results and models presented, to obtain more cost-effective virtual experiences.
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