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Title: Encampment orders : Order of Knights of Malta
Other Titles: Masonic Knights of Malta
Authors: Moore, Charles W.
Keywords: Knights Templar (Masonic order) -- History
Knights of Malta -- History
Order of St John -- History
Freemasonry -- Rituals
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing Co.
Citation: New masonic trestle-board adapted to the work and lectures as practiced in the lodges, chapters, councils, and encampents of knight templars in the U.S.A. United States : Kessinger Publishing Co., 1994. p. 89-92. 1564594629
Series/Report no.: Kessinger Publishing’s Rare Reprints;
Abstract: This Order, like that of the Temple originated in Palestine. Certain Christian merchants of Malfi in Naples, says Clark,· obtained leave of the Caliph of gypt to dwell near the Holy Sepulchre of Christ, at Jerusalem, and to erect a small house for the entertainment of themselves and pilgrims, which they named the Hospital of Christians. They soon became eminent for their devotion, charity, and hospitality; and having adopted St. John the Baptist for their Patron, they were called " Brethren Hospitallers of St. John Baptist of Jerusalem," to distinguish them from the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. They took the black habit of St. Augustin, and on the left breast wore a white Cross of eight points. They soon distinguished themselves as a military body, and became the rivals of the Order of the Temple. Haying subsequently been driven out of Palestine, they removed to Cyprus; but soon after took possession of the Island of Rhodes, which they fortified and held until 1523, when they were expelled from it by Solyman, the Magnificent. They then removed to the Island of Malta, (the ancient Melita,) which, with Tripoli and Gaza, were, in 1530, granted to them by the Emperor Charles V. Here they remained until 1798, when Malta was taken by Napoleon. In 1801, the English took the Island from the French, and restored it to the Order. The Knights were, however, again compelled to leave the Island, and it fell into the hands of Great Britain. The order has now a merely nominal existence, with some small possessions in Italy.
Description: Facsimile reproduction of the 1868 edition.
ISBN: 1430414162
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