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Title: The effect of ambidextrous strategic leadership and digital technology adoption on creating shared value
Authors: Schlosser, Kristian Pultz
Spilbergs, Aivars
Volkova, Tatjana
Keywords: Organizational change
Strategic planning
Leadership -- Technological innovations
Social responsibility of business
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: University of Piraeus. International Strategic Management Association
Citation: Schlosser, K. P., Spilbergs, A., & Volkova, T. (2023). The effect of ambidextrous strategic leadership and digital technology adoption on creating shared value. European Research Studies Journal, 26(2), 577-605.
Abstract: PURPOSE: The aim of this article is to provide an overview of how the strategic leadership ambidexterity, impacts the creation of shared value and how this impact is moderated by digital technology adoption.
DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH: The methodology builds upon on primary data collection with comprehensive analysis of the collected data. The structural equation modelling technique was applied to examine the constructs.
FINDINGS: The findings suggest a positive relationship between ambidexterity and creating shared value. Furthermore, the study shows that leaders tend to be more optimistic about future opportunities and trends, which indicates that they focus more on exploring new opportunities rather than exploiting existing resources. While digital technology adoption has a positive impact, this is not significant. The moderating impact is more positive at lower levels and has a greater impact on creating social results versus business results.
PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS: With the increasing importance of addressing societal challenges, including creating social results, it is crucial to identify which strategic leadership characteristics impact both social and business results. Ambidexterity refers to a leader's ability to exploit current resources while exploring future opportunities and trends. While digital technology acts as a moderator for strategic leaders when creating shared value.
ORIGINALITY/VALUE: The research results provides two key contributions, strategic leadership and digital technology. That is, an understanding of the impact of ambidextrous strategic leadership on on the creation of social and business results by measuring each ambidextrous strategic leadership constructs including exploitation and exploration impact on social and business results separately. And how this is moderated by different levels of digital technology adoption.
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