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Title: Inflammation and insulin resistance : evolution, pathology and therapy
Authors: Pace, Nikolai Paul
Keywords: Insulin resistance
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Pace, N.P. (2014). Inflammation and insulin resistance : evolution, pathology and therapy. The Synapse, 13(4), 16-17
Abstract: Chronic low-level subclinical inflammation is an established risk factor in the development of insulin resistance, endothelial damage and atherosclerosis. The obesity-associated insulin resistance in adipose, liver and muscle tissue is promoted by a switch in macrophage activation driven by transcription factors that play crucial roles in innate immunity. This review discusses the evolutionary link between body defense mechanisms and insulin resistance.
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The Synapse, Volume 13, Issue 4
The Synapse, Volume 13, Issue 4

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