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2023Provision of screening services for cervical and breast cancer – a scientific study commissioned by the European Board & College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EBCOG)Vieira-Coimbra, Marcia; Nogueira-Martins, Nuno; Zadykowicz, Rafal; Gaspar, Hugo Rodrigues; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Pakiz, Maja; Mukhopadhyay, Sambit; Mahmood, Tahir
2023Inequalities in the burden of non‑communicable diseases across European countries : a systematic analysis of the global burden of disease 2019 studyAndrade, Carlos Alexandre Soares; Mahrouseh, Nour; Gabrani, Jonila; Charalampous, Periklis; Cuschieri, Sarah; Grad, Diana Alecsandra; Unim, Brigid; Mechili, Enkeleint A.; Chen‑Xu, José; Devleesschauwer, Brecht; Isola, Gaetano; Lippe, Elena von der; Baravelli, Carl Michael; Fischer, Florian; Weye, Nanna; Balaj, Mirza; Haneef, Romana; Economou, Mary; Haagsma, Juanita A.; Varga, Orsolya
2023Artificial intelligence in medicine and research – the good, the bad and the uglyGrech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah; Eldawlatly, Abdelazeem A.
2023Digital solutions to follow up on discharged new parents — a systematic literature reviewPajalic, Zada; Rauckien, Alona; Savosnick, Grethe; Bartels, Irena; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Saplacan, Diana; Jónsdóttir, Sigríður Sía; Asadi-Azarbaijani, Babak
2023Global, regional, and national burden of low back pain, 1990–2020, its attributable risk factors, and projections to 2050 : a systematic analysis of the global burden of disease study 2021Ferreira, Manuela L; de Luca, Katie; Haile, Lydia M.; Steinmetz, Jaimie D; Culbreth, Garland T.; Cross, Marita; Cuschieri, Sarah; March, Lyn M.; GBD 2021 Low Back Pain Collaborators
2023Improving physiotherapy students’ anatomy learning experience and short-term knowledge retention – an observational study in MaltaCuschieri, Sarah; Narnaware, Yuwaraj
2023Global, regional, and national burden of diabetes from 1990 to 2021, with projections of prevalence to 2050 : a systematic analysis for the global burden of disease study 2021Ong, Kanyin Liane; Stafford, Lauryn K.; McLaughlin, Susan A.; Boyko, Edward J.; Vollset, Emil; Smith, Amanda E.; Cuschieri, Sarah; Vos, Theo; GBD 2021 Diabetes Collaborators
2023A glimpse into long COVID characteristics and the mental health impact within a highly vaccinated population : a Malta observational studyCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan; Grech, Victor E.
2023No country is safe from a pandemic : insights into small countries’ COVID-19 experiencesCuschieri, Sarah; Bejko, Dritan; Stranges, Saverio
2023The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Mediterranean diet adherence : a narrative systematic reviewFarrugia, Francesca; Refalo, Daniel; Bonello, David; Cuschieri, Sarah
2023Pre-clinical evaluation of the new veress needle + mechanism on thiel-embalmed bodies : a controlled crossover study – experimental researchPostema, Roelf R.; Hardon, Sem; Cefai, David; Dankelman, Jenny; Jansen, Frank-Willem; Camenzuli, Christian; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Horeman-Franse, Tim
2021The role of omics approaches to characterize molecular mechanisms of rare ovarian cancers : recent advances and future perspectivesSubbannayya, Yashwanth; Di Fiore, Riccardo; Urru, Silvana Anna Maria; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2023European health professionals’ knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about perinatal depression and body image concernsYager, Zali; Calleja-Agius, Jean; Jagomagi, Triin; Khalaf, Atika; Sjöbeck, Johanna; Karamouzi, Panagiota; Holeva, Vasiliki; Runnel, Riina; Iozsa, Dan-Alexandru; Persson, Martin
2023The role of FBXW7 in gynecologic malignanciesDi Fiore, Riccardo; Suleiman, Sherif; Drago-Ferrante, Rosa; Subbannayya, Yashwanth; Suleiman, Sarah; Vasileva-Slaveva, Mariela; Yordanov, Angel; Pentimalli, Francesca; Giordano, Antonio; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2023A review of the pathophysiology and evidence-based management of varicoceles and pelvic congestion syndromeGalea, Matteo; Brincat, Mark R.; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2023Impact of content reinforcement of muscular and skeletal systems on knowledge retention in nursing studentsNarnaware, Raj; Neumeier, Melanie; Cuschieri, Sarah
2023Caring for Long COVID patients in primary health care : a cross-sectional study among general practitioners in Belgium and MaltaMoreels, Sarah; Cuschieri, Sarah; Bensemmane, Sherihane; Schreye, Robrecht
2023The global epidemic of diabesity : are we heading for an unsustainable future?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2023Nursing student’s perspectives and academic performance in anatomy and physiology before, during and after a stability period of COVID-19Narnaware, Yuwaraj Raj; Cuschieri, Sarah
2023A pocket guide for medical students : from enrolment to job interviewsCuschieri, Sarah
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 546