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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Ethical issues regarding maternal and neonatal health in times of disasterZerafa, Claire; Zammit, Raymond; Calleja-Agius, Jean
2020COVID-19 : a global and continental overview of the second wave and its (relatively) attenuated case fatality ratioGrech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah
2021To do or not to do a PHD? Insight and guidance from a Public Health PhD graduateCuschieri, Sarah
2020Type 2 diabetes : an unresolved diseaseCuschieri, Sarah
2021Adherence to the Mediterranean diet in Maltese adultsCuschieri, Sarah; Libra, Massimo
2020Are normoglycaemic individuals at risk of depression? The depression-dysglycaemic phenotype from a European population-based cross-sectional studyCuschieri, Sarah; Mamo, Julian
2021At risk population for COVID-19 : multimorbidity characteristics of European small island stateCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020Assessing impaired fasting blood glucose criteria for high-risk dysglycaemic populations : an experience from a European population stateCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020Some health effects of global warmingGrech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah
2020Mass events trigger Malta’s second peak after initial successful pandemic suppressionCuschieri, Sarah; Balzan, Martin; Gauci, Charmaine; Agius, Steve; Grech, Victor E.
2020The burden of type 2 diabetes pre-and during the COVID-19 pandemic - a reviewSciberras, Justine; Camilleri, Lara Maria; Cuschieri, Sarah
2020COVID-19 : a one-way ticket to a global childhood obesity crisis?Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020COVID-19 is ageist, sexist, ruthless, dispassionate and opportunistic – protecting our vulnerableCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Victor E.
2020Malta tourism losses due to second wave of COVID-19Grech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah; Balzan, Martin; Grech, Peter; Fabri, Stephanie; Gauci, Charmaine
2020Novel research opportunities : an unfortunate small silver lining to COVID-19Grech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah
2020Obesity population at risk of COVID-19 complicationsCuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Stephan
2020Dealing with COVID-19 in small European island states : Cyprus, Iceland and MaltaCuschieri, Sarah; Pallari, Elena; Hatziyianni, Amalia; Sigurvinsdottir, Rannveig; Sigfusdottir, Inga Dora; Sigurðardóttir, Árún Kristín
2020COVID-19 : the possible seasonal shape of things to comeGrech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah; Gauci, Charmaine
2020Malta’s only acute public hospital service during COVID-19 : a diary of events from the first wave to transition phaseCuschieri, Sarah; Falzon, Celia; Janulova, Lina; Agius, Steve; Busuttil, Walter; Psaila, Noel; Farrugia, Karl; Debono, Joseph; Grech, Victor E.
2020One of COVID-19’s many costs : Malta’s expenditure in consumables and non-consumables, a population-based studyGrech, Victor E.; Cuschieri, Sarah; Grech, Peter; Farrugia, Karl; Gauci, Charmaine
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 310