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Title: Conservative-Neoliberal alliance and popular resistance in Turkey : the uprising in Turkey
Authors: Mayo, Peter
Keywords: Social movements
Gezi Park (Turkey)
Taksim Meydanı (Istanbul, Turkey)
Issue Date: 2013-06-10
Publisher: The Institute for Education Policy Studies
Citation: The Gezi revolt : People's revolutionary resistance against neoliberal capitalism in Turkey. Education Policy Studies: England, 2013. p. 310-314.
Abstract: The New Right has often been defined as an amalgam of a commitment to USA driven neoliberal economics with conservative values. We saw this in England where Thatcherism took on the form of neoliberal economics, characterized by de-industrialization and the pervasive rule of the market, and old Victorian conservative values. We had the same thing under Reagan in the US and the two Bushes, the younger one foregrounding a specific form of bigoted Christian politics alongside the well established neoliberal policies. Turkey seems to be providing another manifestation of this kind of alliance under Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP Party where thousands are taking to the streets to oppose the current regime of old Islamic, anti-secularist values sitting comfortably with large scale US based Neoliberal capitalism. In all cases, the violent nature of capitalism itself, and especially Neoliberal capitalism, with its history of bloodshed, well known to Turkey with its US driven 1980 coup and the 1977 May Day massacre at Taksim Square, made its presence and (in Turkey’s current situation) is making its presence felt. There has been an escalation of this in Turkey over the last few weeks. This chaptr provides a reflection on this escalation of violence and the great protests which took place against Neoliberalism at Gezi Park, Istanbul.
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