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Title: Ptinid Beetles (Coleoptera, Ptinidae) from the Maltese Islands
Authors: Belles, Xavier
Mifsud, David
Keywords: Beetles -- Malta
Spider beetles -- Malta
Insects -- Malta
Issue Date: 2000-12
Publisher: The Central Mediterranean Naturalist
Citation: Belles, X., Mifsud, D. (2000). Ptinid Beetles (Coleoptera, Ptinidae) from the Maltese Islands. The Central Mediterranean Naturalist, 3(2), 43-48.
Abstract: The following ten species of ptinid beetles are recorded from the Maltese Islands: Dignomus brevipilis (Desbrochers), Dignomus reichei (Boieldieu), Ptinus (Gynopterus) variegatus Rossi, Ptinus (Pseudobruchus) spitzyi Villa, Ptinus (Heteroptinus) affinis Desbrochers, Ptinus (Ptinus) clavi pes Panzer, Microptinus melitensis Pic, Mezium americanum (Laporte), Gibbium aequinoctiale Boieldieu and Gibbium psylloides (Czenpinski). Of these, Ptinus clavi pes was not previously recorded whereas Gibbium aequinoctiale was referred to as G. boieldieui (Levrat).
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CMN, Volume 3, Part 2
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