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Title: Using weak bisimulation for enterprise integration architecture formal verification--I
Authors: Cachia, Ernest
Vella, Mark Joseph
Keywords: Software architecture
Integrated software
Software engineering
Enterprise application integration (Computer systems)
Computational complexity
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Citation: Cachia, E., & Vella, M. (2007). Using weak bisimulation for enterprise integration architecture formal verification--I. 14th Annual IEEE International Conference and Workshops on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems (ECBS'07), Tucson. 63-70.
Abstract: In this paper we propose the application of weak bisimulation for enterprise application integration verification. Formal verification is carried out by taking the system specification and design models of an integrated system and converting them into value passing CCS (calculus of communicating systems) processes. If a weak bisimulation relation is found between the two models, then it could be concluded that the El Architecture is a valid one. The formal verification of an El Architecture would give value to an El project framework, allowing the challenge of cumbersome and complex testing typically faced by El projects (R. Khanna, 2005), to be alleviated, and thus increasing the possibility of a successful El project, delivered on time and within the stipulated budgeted costs. This paper shows the applicability of value passing CCS (or equivalent) formal notation to model the El systems characteristics, as well as investigates into the computation complexity of available weak bisimulation algorithms, in order to analyze the applicability of this proposition in real life.
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