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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Web-based eTutor for learning electrical circuit analysisDebono, Jason; Muscat, Adrian; Porter, Chris
2009Modelling and simulation techniques for supporting healthcare decision making : a selection frameworkClarkson, John; Slote Morris, Zoe; Jun, Gyuchan Thomas; Eldabi, Tillal; Jahangirian, Mohsen; Naseer, Aisha; Stergioulas, Lampros; Taylor, Peter; Xue, Maggy; Young, Terry; Berger, Sue; Bolt, Tim; Brailsford, Sally; Connell, Con; Klein, Jonathan; Patel, Brijesh; Barton, Maria; Garg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Harper, Paul
2016Mobile language learning : providing tools that allow the asynchronous, casual and sometimes gamified learning of languages on mobile devicesVassallo, Keith; Garg, Lalit; Layfield, Colin
2016Cross-platform development frameworks : overview of contemporary technologies and methods for cross-platform application developmentVassallo, Keith; Garg, Lalit
2015-03-16Tablets reportDingli, Alexiei; Garg, Lalit; Layfield, Colin; Montebello, Matthew
2014E-marketing strategies exploiting social media for Islamic bankingRoumieh, Ahmad; Garg, Lalit
2014Using phase-type models to cost stroke patient care across health, social and community servicesMcClean, Sally; Gillespie, Jennifer; Garg, Lalit; Barton, Maria; Scotney, Bryan; Kullerton, Ken
2016Digital and traditional tools for communicating corporate social responsibility : a literature reviewTomaselli, Gianpaolo; Melia, Monia; Garg, Lalit; Gupta, Vipul; Xuereb, Peter; Buttigieg, Sandra C.
2007Using Markov models to find interesting patient pathwaysMcClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit; Meenan, Brian; Millard, Peter
2011A modeling framework that combines Markov models and discrete-event simulation for stroke patient careMcClean, Sally; Barton, Maria; Garg, Lalit; Fullerton, Ken
2012On the moments and the distribution of the cost of a semi Markov model for healthcare systemsPapadopoulou, Aleka A.; Tsaklidis, George; McClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit
2012Intelligent patient management and resource planning for complex, heterogeneous, and stochastic healthcare systemsGarg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Barton, Maria; Meenan, Brian; Fullerton, Ken
2013An extended mixture distribution survival tree for patient pathway prognosticationGarg, Lalit; McClean, Sally; Barton, Maria; Meenan, Brian; Fullerton, Ken
2017Applications of phase type survival trees in HIV disease progression modellingGafa, Marija; Garg, Lalit; Masala, Giovanni; McClean, Sally
2014Tensor-based methods for handling missing data in quality-of-life questionnairesGarg, Lalit; Dauwels, Justin; Earnest, Arul; Leong, Khai Pang
2012Tensor factorization for missing data imputation in medical questionnairesDauwels, Justin; Garg, Lalit; Earnest, Arul; Pang, Leong Khai
2014Costing mixed coxian phase-type systems with poisson arrivalsMcClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit; Fullerton, Ken
2011Handling missing data in medical questionnaires using tensor decompositionsDauwels, Justin; Garg, Lalit; Earnest, Arul; Pang, Leong Khai
2010Using mixed phase-type distributions to model patient pathwaysMcClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit; Barton, Maria; Fullerton, Ken
2011Using model-based clustering to discretise duration information for activity recognitionMcClean, Sally; Garg, Lalit; Chaurasia, Priyanka; Scotney, Bryan; Nugent, Chris
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 77