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Title: Multi-strategy definition of annotation services in Melita
Authors: Ciravegna, Fabio
Dingli, Alexiei
Iria, Jose
Wilks, Yorick
Keywords: Semantic Web
Corpora (Linguistics)
Information retrieval -- Automation
Data mining
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Semantic Web Science Association
Citation: Ciravegna, F., Dingli, A., Iria, J., & Wilks, Y. (2003). Multi-strategy definition of annotation services in Melita. 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2003), Sanibel Island. 1-11.
Abstract: The definition of methodologies for automatic ontology-based document annotation is a fundamental step in the Semantic Web vision. In the near future, semantic annotation services could become as important as search engines are today. Tools for the easy and effective development of such services are therefore needed. In this paper, we present Melita, a tool for the definition and development of ontology-based annotation services. Melita goes beyond the dichotomy rule learning Vs rule writing of classic annotation systems, as it allows adopting different strategies, from annotating examples in a corpus for training a learner to rule writing and even a mixture of them. It also supports users in defining and maintaining an ontology for annotation and in delivering the annotation service. The result is a tool easy to use and flexible to different user needs.
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