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Title: Carbon allotropes exhibiting negative linear compressibility
Authors: Formosa, Jean Paul
Cauchi, Reuben
Grima, Joseph N.
Keywords: Compressibility
Materials -- Mechanical properties
Honeycomb structures
Issue Date: 2015-07
Publisher: Wiley-VCH
Citation: Formosa, J. P., Cauchi, R., & Grima, J. N. (2015). Carbon allotropes exhibiting negative linear compressibility. Physica Status Solidi (b), 252(7), 1656-1663.
Abstract: Negative linear compressibility, i.e., the phenomenon of expansion rather than shrinkage in at least one direction upon the application of a hydrostatic compressive pressure is an unusual mechanical property which is attracting more interest in the recent years. Here, through analysis of published data by Hu et al. [J. Superhard Mater. 36, 257–269 (2014)] as well as through static force-field based simulations, it is shown that it is possible to achieve this property in the novel carbon allotropes built from sp2 and sp3 hybridized carbon atoms which have a two-dimensional projection that resembles a honeycomb motif in their (001) plane. This is in accordance with earlier predictions that honeycombs deforming through a hinging-like mechanism could exhibit this property for certain geometries.
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