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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The effect of alloying elements on the properties of pressed and non-pressed biodegradable Fe–Mn–Ag powder metallurgy alloysCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Mallia, Bertram; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Schembri-Wismayer, Pierre; Buhagiar, Joseph; Vella, Daniel A.
2019Perfluoroalkyl substances in the Maltese environment – (II) sediments, soils and groundwaterSammut, Gordon; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Sapiano, Manuel; Helmus, Rick; De Voogt, Pim W. P.
2018Influence of cold rolling on in vitro cytotoxicity and electrochemical behaviour of an Fe-Mn-C biodegradable alloy in physiological solutionsCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Aquilina, Daniel; Paternoster, Carlo; Vella, Daniel; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Mantovani, Diego; Cassar, Glenn; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre; Buhagiar, Joseph
2018Revisiting the Betti synthesis : using a cheap, readily-available, recyclable clay catalyst in solventless conditionsBosica, Giovanna; Abdilla, Roderick; Demanuele, Kaylie
2017One-Pot Aza-Friedel–Crafts reaction on amberlyst 15-supported silicotungstic acidBosica, Giovanna; Abdilla, R.
2018One-pot multicomponent nitro-Mannich reaction using a heterogeneous catalyst under solvent-free conditionsBosica, Giovanna; Zammit, Ramon
2018Optimisation of fluorapatite coating synthesis applied to a biodegradable substrateCaligari Conti, Malcolm; Xerria, Gianella; Peyrouzeta, Florian; Schembri Wismayer, Pierre; Sinagra, Emmanuel; Mantovani, Diego; Vella, Daniel; Buhagiar, Joseph
2011Stents with Zero Poisson's ratio cellsGrima, Joseph N.; Casha, Aaron; Gatt, Ruben
2008Isolute®Si-carbonate catalyzes the nitronate addition to both aldehydes and electron-poor alkenes under solvent-free conditionsBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Palmieri, Alessandro; Pizzo, Ferdinando; Vaccaro, Luigi
1999A new two-step synthesis of 2-alkylated 1, 4-diketones and α-alkylated γ-keto estersBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Petrelli, Lara; Petrini, Marino
1998Solvent free synthesis and deprotection of 1, 1-diacetates over a commercially available zeolite Y as a reusable catalystBallini, Roberto; Bordoni, Marco; Bosica, Giovanna
1998Zeolite HSZ-360 as a new reusable catalyst for the direct acetylation of alcohols and phenols under solventless conditionsBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Carloni, Silvia; Ciaralli, Lara; Maggi, Raimondo; Sartori, Giovanni
1996A new 1, 4-elimination of benzenesulfinic acid from β-keto phenylsulphones via their tosylhydrazonesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Marcantoni, Enrico
2004A new, one pot synthesis of alkylated methyl tri- and tetracarboxylate derivatives by nitrolkanesBallini, Roberto; Bosica, Giovanna; Fiorini, Dennis; Gil, Maria Victoria; Palmieri, Alessandro
2017A regioselective one-pot Aza-Friedel-Crafts reaction for primary, secondary and tertiary anilines using a heterogeneous catalystBosica, Giovanna; Abdilla, Roderick
2017Solvent-free Henry and Michael reactions with nitroalkanes promoted by potassium carbonate as a versatile heterogeneous catalystBosica, Giovanna; Polidano, Kurt
20002,5-dialkylfurans and nitroalkanes as source of 2,3,5-trialkylpyrrolesBallini, Roberto; Barboni, Luciano; Bosica, Giovanna; Petrini, Marino
2017Physiological rules for the heart, lungs and other pressure-based organsCasha, Aaron; Camilleri, Liberato; Manche, Alexander; Gatt, Ruben; Gauci, Marilyn; Camilleri-Podesta, Marie-Therese; Grima, Joseph N.; Scarci, Marco; Chetcuti, Stanley
2015Natural architectural designGrima, Joseph N.; Casha, Aaron; Rybicki, Jaroslaw
1995Problemi ambjentali tal-gejjieniVella, Alfred J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 271