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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Source apportionment of indoor PM2.5 at a residential urban background site in MaltaCamilleri, Renato; Vella, Alfred J.; Harrison, Roy M.; Aquilina, Noel
1996Science education in a restructured sixth formVella, Alfred J.
1991Nitrate content of Malta and Gozo tapwaterVella, Alfred J.
1976Some aspects of molecular symmetryVella, Alfred J.
1996Arson fire as a cause of explosion in limestone buildingsVella, Alfred J.
1994Fuel mixtures : a forensic questionVella, Alfred J.
2007Identifying facies with different weathering properties in Malta’s Lower Globigerina LimestoneVella, Alfred J.
2022Aza-Michael Mono- and Bis-Addition of primary and secondary amines promoted by silica-supported polyphosphoric acid, PPA/SiO2Bosica, Giovanna; Saliba, Ryan
2005University mathematics, science and technology education in Malta : are we on course towards the Lisbon goals?Vella, Alfred J.
1996Monitoring environmental quality of coastal waters in MaltaAxiak, Victor; Vella, Alfred J.
2002State of the Environment Report for Malta 2002Axiak, Victor; Gauci, Vince; Mallia, Adrian; Mallia, Edward; Schembri, Patrick J.; Vella, Alfred J.; Vella, Louis
1994Factors causing deterioration of frescoes within a medieval church in Malta and a proposed solutionTaliana, Carmen; Cassar, JoAnn; Vella, Alfred J.; Ventura, Frank
1992Chemical analysis by ion trap detector mass spectrometryVella, Alfred J.
2003Imposex as a biomonitoring tool for marine pollution by tributyltin : some further observationsAxiak, Victor; Micallef, Diane; Muscat, Joanne; Vella, Alfred J.; Mintoff, Bernardette
1998Air pollution and the proposed power station at DelimaraVella, Alfred J.
2005Adsorption characteristics of tributyltin on municipal solid waste compostSaid-Pullicino, Daniel; Vella, Alfred J.
2007Contamination of outdoor settled dust by butyltins in MaltaDecelis, Rachel; Vella, Alfred J.
2002Adequacy of pre-university mathematics curriculum as a preparation for a tertiary education in the sciencesGrima, Joseph N.; Vella, Alfred J.
2002Air qualityVella, Alfred J.; Callus, Joe; Galea, Herman; Vella, Daniel A.
2020A word from the RectorVella, Alfred J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 391