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Title: A system with adjustable positive or negative thermal expansion
Authors: Grima, Joseph N.
Farrugia, Pierre-Sandre
Gatt, Ruben
Zammit, Victor
Keywords: Expansion (Heat)
Chemical models
Materials -- Mechanical properties
Issue Date: 2007-06
Publisher: Royal Society of London
Citation: Grima, J. N., Farrugia, P., Gatt, R., & Zammit, V. (2007). A system with adjustable positive or negative thermal expansion. Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 463(2082), 1585-1596.
Abstract: We analyse the anisotropic thermal expansion properties of a two-dimensional structurally rigid construct made from rods of different materials connected together through hinges to form triangular units. In particular, we show that this system may be made to exhibit negative thermal expansion coefficients along certain directions or thermal expansion coefficients that are even more positive than any of the component materials. The end product is a multifunctional system with tunable thermal properties that can be tailor-made for particular practical applications.
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