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Title: The acquisition of quantification across languages : some predictions
Authors: Katsos, Napoleon
Ezeizabarrena, Maria-Jose
Gavarro, Anna
Kraljevic, Jelena Kuvac
Hrzica, Gordana
Grohmann, Kleanthes K.
Skordi, Athina
Lopez, Kristine Jensen de
Sundahl, Lone
van Hout, Angeliek
Hollebrandse, Bart
Overweg, Jessica
Faber, Myrthe
van Koert, Margreet
Cummins, Chris
Smith, Nafsika
Vija, Maigi
Parm, Sirli
Kunnari, Sari
Morisseau, Tiffany
Yatsushiro, Kazuko
Hubert, Anja
Varlokosta, Spyridoula
Konstantzou, Katerina
Farby, Shira
Guasti, Maria Teresa
Vernice, Mirta
Balciuniene, Ingrida
Ruzaite, Jurate
Grech, Helen
Gatt, Daniela
Asbjornsen, Arve
von Koss Torkildsen, Janne
Haman, Ewa
Miekisz, Aneta
Gagarina, Natalia
Puzanova, Julia
Andjelkovic, Darinka
Savic, Maja
Josic, Smiljana
Slancova, Daniela
Kapalkova, Svetlana
Barberan Recalde, Tania
Ozge, Duygu
Hassan, Saima
van der Lely, Heather
Sauerland, Uli
Noveck, Ira
Keywords: Language acquisition
Grammar, Comparative and general -- Quantifiers
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Cascadilla Press
Citation: Katsos, N., Ezeizabarrena, M. J., Gavarro, A., Kraljevic, J.K., Hrzica, G., Grohmann, K.,...Noveck, I. (2012). The acquisition of quantification across languages: Some predictions. Proceedings of the 36th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development, 258-268.
Abstract: In this paper we review factors that are expected to affect the order of acquisition of quantifiers across languages. We draw a distinction between language-wide and language-specific factors as well as factors that relate to the biological and social profile of the learner (such as gender, socio-economic status and schooling). We then propose predictions for what cross-linguistically similar patterns may arise. This exposition provides the theoretical background against which a major empirical project has been undertaken, with the goal of documenting the extent to which the acquisition of quantifiers proceeds uniformly across languages. Here we summarize the scope of the project, the specific hypotheses under test, and other factors that must be considered in analysing the outcome of the ongoing empirical work. We conclude by discussing the implications of these investigations for the interface between linguistic and non-linguistic cognition. But first we turn to cross-linguistic similarities in the meaning of quantifiers in the following section.
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