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Title: Thermographic patterns of the upper and lower limbs : baseline data
Authors: Gatt, Alfred
Formosa, Cynthia
Cassar, Kevin
Camilleri, Kenneth P.
De Raffaele, Clifford
Mizzi, Anabelle
Azzopardi, Carl
Mizzi, Stephen
Falzon, Owen
Cristina, Stefania
Chockalingam, Nachiappan
Keywords: Body temperature -- Measurement
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Citation: Gatt, A., Formosa, C., Cassar, K., Camilleri, K. P., De Raffaele, C., Mizzi, A., ... & Chockalingam, N. (2015). Thermographic patterns of the upper and lower limbs: baseline data. International Journal of Vascular Medicine, 2015.
Abstract: To collect normative baseline data and identify any significant differences between hand and foot thermographic distribution patterns in a healthy adult population. Design. A single-centre, randomized, prospective study. Methods. Thermographic data was acquired using a FLIR camera for the data acquisition of both plantar and dorsal aspects of the feet, volar aspects of the hands, and anterior aspects of the lower limbs under controlled climate conditions. Results. There is general symmetry in skin temperature between the same regions in contralateral limbs, in terms of both magnitude and pattern. There was also minimal intersubject temperature variation with a consistent temperature pattern in toes and fingers. The thumb is the warmest digit with the temperature falling gradually between the 2nd and the 5th fingers. The big toe and the 5th toe are the warmest digits with the 2nd to the 4th toes being cooler. Conclusion. Measurement of skin temperature of the limbs using a thermal camera is feasible and reproducible. Temperature patterns in fingers and toes are consistent with similar temperatures in contralateral limbs in healthy subjects. This study provides the basis for further research to assess the clinical usefulness of thermography in the diagnosis of vascular insufficiency.
Description: This study was supported by an internal University of Malta Research Grant PODRP01-1. The study sponsor had no involvement in the execution and analysis of this study.
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