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Title: DTMp : a comenius 2.1 project to produce a differentiated teaching module for primary school trainee teachers
Authors: Bartolo, Paul A.
Ale, Peter
Calleja, Colin
Humphrey, Neil
Janikova, Vera
Lous, Annemieke Mol
Vilkiene, Vida
Wetso, Gun Marie
Hofsass, Thomas
Keywords: Education -- Europe
Teachers -- Europe
Elementary school teachers -- Training of -- Europe
Teaching -- Europe
Issue Date: 2005-10
Publisher: Amsterdam Institute of Education & the University of Amsterdam
Citation: Bartolo, P. A., Ale, P., Calleja, C., Hofsäss, T., Humphrey , N., Janikova, V.,...& Wetso, G. M. (2005). DTMp: a comenius 2.1 project to produce a differentiated teaching module for primary school trainee teachers. 30th Annual ATEE Conference, Amsterdam. 35-38.
Abstract: As European classrooms become more heterogeneous, the movement towards inclusive education becomes more urgent as well as more challenging. This paper describes the process of developing and running a proposal for a Comenius 2.1 project aimed at developing training materials for the preparation of pre-service teachers in responding to diversity in primary classrooms. The project, started in October 2004, has collected the concerns and experiences of responding to diversity of 35 teachers (5 each from 7 different countries) through semi-structured interviews, and produced the first draft of a multilingual handbook for trainees. The handbook in hard copy and web-based format, will be piloted in 2005-06 in the seven participating countries, namely Malta (coordinator), Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. This paper will focus on the process of trans-European sharing of research and development of the training course.
Description: This work was supported by the EU through Comenius 2.1 granr no. 118096 for the DTMp Project.
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