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Title: Osmotic pressure in biological fluids : application to patients in general practice
Authors: Gatt, Joseph
Holecek, Vaclav
Keywords: Osmoregulation
Physicians (General practice)
Issue Date: 1983
Publisher: University of Malta Medical School
Citation: Gatt, J., & Holecek, V. (1983). Osmotic pressure in biological fluids : application to patients in general practice. Medi-Scope, 2, 11-15.
Abstract: Osmotic pressure in biological fluids is one of the most important physical values. Different solutions at the same temperature and the same concentration (activity) of ions have the same osmotic pressure. This means that a big molecule of protein for instance has the same osmotic effect as the small ion of sodium. Osmolality expresses the number of dissolved particles in a given weJght of solvent. The solution of one mole of each fully dissociated compound has the.osmotic pressure of 22.412 atm.
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