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Title: Does better education lead to better health?
Authors: Cauchi, Maurice N.
Keywords: Life expectancy
Health education
Health promotion
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Medical Portals Ltd.
Citation: Cauchi, M. (2017). Does better education lead to better health? The Synapse : the Medical Professionals' Network, 16(2), 18-19.
Abstract: It is well known that education is very important in ensuring a better job, a better salary and in general a more satisfying social life. Perhaps less well appreciated is the effect that education has on the health of the individual. The level of education is definitely correlated with life expectancy. A report by the Robert Wood Foundation in the US (20l3) shows that life expectancy is higher in college graduates compared to those who did not finish high school (79.7 versus 72.9 years respectively for males, and 83.5 versus 78.4 years in females). In Europe a higher education seems to add an extra three years to life expectancy.
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The Synapse, Volume 16, Issue 2

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