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Title: Assessment of learning and teaching in higher education : a case analysis of a university in the south of Europe
Authors: Shieh, Jin-Jy
Cefai, Carmel
Keywords: Education, Higher -- Malta
Education, Higher -- Malta -- Evaluation
Education, Higher -- Study and teaching -- Malta
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of Education
Citation: Shieh, J. J., & Cefai, C. (2017). Assessment of learning and teaching in higher education : a case analysis of a university in the south of Europe. Malta Review of Educational Research, 11(1), 29-47.
Abstract: The focus of assessment in higher education has been moving from assessment ‘of’ to assessment ‘for’ learning and teaching. This shift suggests that formative assessment with feedback can be more beneficial to learning and teaching than traditional summative assessment. In view of the tension that arises between the move towards formative assessment and the role of summative assessment, this study examines how the University under study seeks to balance these two aspects of assessment. The study made use of interviews, questionnaires and documents to collect data. The participants are lecturers and students at the Faculty of Education. Five lecturers and 5 students were interviewed individually, while 15 lecturers and 29 students completed online questionnaires. The documents were obtained from the University’s website. The findings reveal that the university in question recognises the importance of formative assessment, and has established policies and guidelines on the implementation of assessment of learning and teaching. Findings indicate that there is an imbalance between formative and summative assessment of learning and teaching, favouring the latter against the former. Although policy-makers, lecturers and students are aware of the importance of formative assessment, the traditional summative assessment is still the dominant assessment mode. Such a situation has caused challenges to the assessment policies, created struggles for lecturers and resulted in students’ dissatisfaction with the learning process.
ISSN: 17269725
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MRER, Volume 11, Issue 1
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