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Title: Identification of the plant origin of the botanical biomarkers of Mediterranean type propolis
Authors: Popova, Milena
Trusheva, Boryana
Cutajar, Simone
Antonova, Daniela
Mifsud, David
Farrugia, Claude
Bankova, Vassya
Keywords: Propolis -- Mediterranean Region
Italian cypress -- Mediterranean Region
Botany -- Research -- Mediterranean Region
Plants -- Research -- Mediterranean Region
Biochemical markers -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Natural Product Inc.
Citation: Popova, M., Trusheva, B., Cutajar, S., Antonova, D., Mifsud, D., Farrugia, C., & Bankova, V. (2012). Identification of the plant origin of the botanical biomarkers of Mediterranean type propolis. Natural Product Communications, 7(5), 569-570.
Abstract: Propolis is a honeybee product which bees produce by collecting resins from various botanical sources. The chemical composition of propolis is directly dependant on the availability of resinous plant materials in different geographic regions. This study was undertaken to evaluate the resinous plant sources used by bees to produce Mediterranean type propolis. Although this propolis type has already been the subject of numerous studies, its major botanical source had not yet been identified. In this study, using GC-MS analysis, we identify the resin of the common cypress, Cupressus sempervirens, as the major plant source of the characteristic diterpene fingerprint profile of Mediterranean propolis.
ISSN: 1934578X
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