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Title: Museums : adult education as cultural politics
Authors: Borg, Carmel
Mayo, Peter
Keywords: Adult learning -- Case studies
Politics and culture -- Case Studies
Critical pedagogy
Critical literacy
Museums -- Educational aspects
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Jossey-Bass Inc.
Citation: Borg, C., & Mayo, P. (2010). Museums: adult education as cultural politics. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 127, 35-44.
Abstract: The sites of adult education practice are multiple and museums feature regularly among these sites (Chadwick and Stannett, 1995, 2000). In this paper,i we will regard the museum as a site of cultural politics and public pedagogy. As a site of „public pedagogy‟ (Giroux, 2001) the museum plays its role in the politics of knowledge and representation. It represents a selection from the cultures of society. This situation is similar to that concerning the curriculum. Both the contents and form of the museum, and the curriculum, are repositories of what counts as „official knowledge‟ (Apple, 1993) and what does not. They select, legitimize, marginalize and are open to contestation and resistance. Critical educators who are ethically committed to excavating sites of educational practice and to interrogating official knowledges and practices are likely to ask the following questions regarding the politics of the curriculum and the museum: Whose culture shall be the official one and whose shall be subordinated? What culture shall be regarded as worthy of display and which shall be hidden? Whose history shall be remembered and whose forgotten? What images of social life shall be projected and which shall be marginalized? What voices shall be heard and which will be silenced? Who is representing whom and on what basis? (Jordan and Weedon, 1995, p.4).
ISSN: 10522891
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