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Title: Donation document made out to the 'leprosis Sancti lazari sancte civitatis Jerusalem'
Authors: Humphrey II of Toron
Keywords: Leprosy -- History
Humphrey II of Toron, 1117-1179
Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem -- History
Issue Date: 1151-05
Abstract: Donation document by Humphrey II of Toron, with the consent of his wife and son Humfrey, dated May 1151, to the lepers of St. Lazarus, a rent of 30 besants on exit taxes obtained from in the region of Toron to be paid on the feast of St. Hilary.
Description: Transcribed in: A. de Marsy [ed.]. Fragment d’un Cartulaire de l’Ordre de Saint-Lazare en Terre Sainte. Archives de l’Orient latin, Ernest Leroux, Paris, Vol.2, 1884, no.II, p.121-163
Transcribed in: Charles Savona-Ventura. The Order of Saint Lazarus in the Holy Land. Grand Priory of the Maltese Islands - MHOSLJ, Malta, 2011.
French translation in: L. Cibrario. Precis historique des Ordres religieux et militaries de S. Lazare et dr S. Mauruice avant et après leur reunion. [French edition, trans. H. Ferrand], L. Perrin, Lyon, 1860, p.21
OSML/MA: Ms. fol.16
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