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Title: Bullae Papae Innocentius VIII : Cum solerti meditatione pensamus
Authors: Innocent VIII, Pope
Keywords: Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem -- History
Catholic Church. Pope (1484-1492 : Innocent VIII)
Issue Date: 1489-04-05
Abstract: Document concerning Innocent VIII, Pope of Rome.
Description: Original document on parchment. Arch. nat., L 326, doc.VII
Transcribed in: R. Hyacinthe. L'Ordre de Saint-Lazare de Jérusalem au Moyen Age. Études & Communication Édition, Bez-et-Esparon, 2003, +253p. [doc. XIV] [ISBN: 2911722205]
Transcribed in: C. Savona-Ventura. The Papal Bull Cum solerti meditatione pensamus of 1489. Journal of the Monastic Military Orders, December 2009, 2:21-38
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