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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Point spread function modelling and shear calibration for weak lensing surveysFenech Conti, Ian (2017)
2017The ALICE High Momentum Particle IDentification (HMPID) apparatus and its deuteron detection capabilityVella, Julia (2017)
2017Synchronisation of quantum systemsScicluna, Omaria (2017)
2017Obtaining variable star light curves with a view to characterising equipment feasibility for future time series photometric studiesFiteni, Karl (2017)
2017Crystallization environment : pore size tuning of new covalent organic frameworks (COFs)Scicluna, Marie Christine (2017)
2017Fluorescent molecular logic gates for pH and pE for cell imaging applicationsJohnson, Alex (2017)
2017Crystal formation of purine salts to investigate seeding processesZammit, André (2017)
2017Fluorescent molecular logic gates for the early detection of corrosionSpiteri, Jake (2017)
2017The interaction of lanthanides and lanthanide-carbene complexes with crown ethersGauci, Gabriel (2017)
2017Software beamforming with network defined aperturesBonnici, Norbert (2017)
2017Synchronisation in coupled quantum systemsCaruana, Melissa (2017)
2017Chemical profiling of honey produced in the Maltese IslandsFormosa, Jean Paul (2017)
2017Towards the improvement of physicochemical properties of Tolvaptan via crystal engineeringFrendo, Luke (2017)
2017Optimising a green approach to the synthesis of silver nanoparticlesCassar, Rachelle (2017)
2017One pot aza-Friedel-Crafts multicomponent reaction under green chemistry conditionsAbdilla, Roderick (2017)
2017Seismic input modelling for relevant earthquakes in eastern SicilyLongo, Emanuela Antonia (2017)
2017Geophysical investigations for modelling of earthquake ground shaking in the Maltese islandsFarrugia, Daniela (2017)
2017Nonparametric density estimation concerning social benefits in MaltaZammit, Michaela Vania (2017)
2017An overview of ROC analysisSammut, Rachel (2017)
2017Testing efficiency of football betting markets using adaptive drift modelsGrech, Lawrence (2017)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46

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