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Title: Acne Vulgaris in Malta : a dermatologist's perspective
Authors: Scerri, Lawrence
Keywords: Acne -- Malta
Acne -- Treatment
Sebaceous glands -- Diseases
Issue Date: 2000-12
Publisher: Malta College of Family Doctors
Citation: Scerri, L. (2000). Acne Vulgaris in Malta : a dermatologist's perspective. The Family Physician : It-Tabib tal-Familja, 19, 12-15.
Abstract: Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous units characterized by oily skin, and the formation of comedones, papulopustules, and less frequently nodulo-cystic lesions. Permanent scarring which may have profound negative psychosocial effects in the short and long term is a real risk. Varying degrees of acne affects at least 85% of 16 year old boys and girls, with a tendency towards natural resolution by the age of 2s2. Acne may less commonly affect older age groups, particularly in females. Exacerbating factors include psychological stress, pre-menstrual state, and oily applications including cosmetics. The alleged role of diet constitutes a common misconception among acne sufferers. An extensive array of topical and oral medications are nowadays available for effectively treating acne of any severity 3. Treatment needs to be tailored according to the type and severity of the acne, and must be administered with the least possible delay if scarring is to be minimized or prevented. Other than the mild forms of acne which may respond to over the counter (OTC) applications, acne treatment falls squarely within the competence of the prescribing physician. Health education can go a long way towards helping the public to better understand this common affliction, and to provide general guidance that will in turn aid to keep acne related morbidity to the lowest acceptable levels.
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The Family Physician : It-Tabib tal-Familja, Issue 19
The Family Physician : It-Tabib tal-Familja, Issue 19

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