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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A current perspective of pituitary adenoma MRI characteristics : a reviewGruppetta, Mark
2016Diabetes in pregnancy : diagnosis, management, outcome and complicationsAgius, Maria Petra; Gruppetta, Mark; Vassallo, Josanne
2022Hyperglycaemia and inpatient mortality and morbidityFarrugia, Yvette; Mangion, Jessica; Fava, Marie Claire; Vella, Christine; Gruppetta, Mark
2022Multifaceted hyponatraemia : a case of changing aetiologiesMula, Abigail; Mangion, Jessica; Gruppetta, Mark
2022A rare case of an androgen-secreting mucinous borderline ovarian tumour in a perimenopausal womanCilia, Kyle; Mangion, Jessica; Giordano Imbroll, Miriam; Gruppetta, Mark
2022An analysis of blood parameter changes in Cushing's syndrome - a population-based studyMangion, Jessica; Giordano Imbroll, Miriam; Craus, Sarah; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2022Gender and age-matched case control study of a cohort of adrenal adenomasGiordano Imbroll, Miriam; Agius, Stefanie; Craus, Sarah; Gruppetta, Mark
2023Outcomes of surgically treated pituitary adenomas in Malta - a population-based studyMangion, Jessica; Giordano Imbroll, Miriam; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2022Immobilisation hypercalcaemiaMifsud, Simon; Mifsud, Emma L.; Agius, Stefanie M.; Mula, Abigail; Gruppetta, Mark
2022Epidemiology and blood parameter changes in Cushing’s syndrome — a population‑based studyMangion, Jessica; Giordano Imbroll, Miriam; Craus, Sarah; Vassallo, Josanne; Gruppetta, Mark
2022Inpatient hyperglycaemia, and impact on morbidity, mortality and re-hospitalisation ratesFarrugia, Yvette; Mangion, Jessica; Fava, Marie-Claire; Vella, Christine; Gruppetta, Mark
2018Influenza A : another cause of SIADH?Mifsud, Simon; Zammit, Maria Alessandra; Casha, Ramon; Fsadni, Claudia
2021Complexity of Mycobacterium avium complex immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (MAC-IRIS) in a patient with HIVXerri, Thelma; Borg, Janice; Casha, Ramon; Fsadni, Claudia
2021Multiorgan thrombosis as a complication of COVID-19 pneumoniaCeci Bonello, Etienne; Casha, Ramon; Xerri, Thelma; Bonello, John; Fsadni, Claudia; Mallia Azzopardi, Charles
2021Training in infectious diseases across Europe in 2021 - a survey on training delivery, content and assessmentBrockhoff, Ronja A.; Hicks, Scott R.; Salmanton-García, Jon; Dušek, Davorka; Stahl, Jean-Paul; Beeching, Nick J.; Cornely, Oliver A.; Ahl, Jonas; Ambrozaitis, Arvydas; Azap, Alpay; Beović, Bojana; Castelli, Francesco; Cisneros, José Miguel; Constantinou, Costas; van Delden, Christian; de Barra, Eoghan; de Munter, Paul; Džupová, Olga; Fätkenheuer, Gerd; Flisiak, Robert; Florescu, Simin Aysel; Fsadni, Claudia; Holmberg, Ville; Jensen-Fangel, Søren; Koehler, Philipp; Kristjánsson, Már; Lind, Andreas; Michos, Athanasios; Miller, Alastair; Muller, Zsofia; Oliveira, Joaquim; Paul, Mical; Sal, Ertan; Santini, Maria; Sargsyants, Narina; Soják, L'ubomir; Soodla, Pilleriin; Staub, Therese; Thalhammer, Florian; Verbon, Annelies; Verdon, Renaud; Wegrzyn, Zbigniew
2020Complications of measles : a case seriesXerri, Thelma; Darmanin, Nicola; Zammit, Maria Alessandra; Fsadni, Claudia
1969The etiological role of diabetes mellitus in cardiovascular diseaseZammit Maempel, Joseph Victor
1972-05-23Il diabete e le sue compIicazioni cardiovascolari : acquisizioni da ricerche effettuate a MaltaZammit Maempel, Joseph Victor
1971Evoluzione della vasculopatia arteriosclerotica del diabeticoZammit Maempel, Joseph Victor
1964The quest for 'brucella melitensis' in man and in the goat: an historical retrospectCassar, Paul
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 577