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Title: The cutting edge in stem cell medical applications
Authors: Agius, Claire Marie
Blundell, Renald
Keywords: Stem cells
Brain -- Cancer
Nervous system -- Degeneration
Chronic renal failure
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Medwell
Citation: Agius, C. M., & Blundell, R. (2008). The cutting edge in stem cell medical applications. Research Journal of Medical Sciences, 2, 47-50.
Abstract: The steady increase in the average life-expectancy in the developed world can be attributed in part at least, to advances in virtually all areas of medicine, starting with technological advances in diagnostic techniques, greater awareness as regards living a healthy lifestyle, more efficient surgery protocols, while less invasive methods are used whenever possible, a greater depth of the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and so on and so forth. However, despite overcoming a great number of illnesses, other formidable diseases still remain unscathed by even the most aggressive treatment. This seems to be the point in fact, where the promise of stem cells becomes more exciting and poignant. Research investigating the potential use of stem cells against these illnesses yielded a number of encouraging results and even successful therapy protocols in some instances (ex. leukaemia). Some therapies are also in the pipeline while others are still experimental. Having said this, the material available today gives an encouraging boost for all involved in the fight against some of the debilitating and ruthless illnesses of our times.
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