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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aspirin impairs acetyl-coenzyme A metabolism in redox-compromised yeast cellsFarrugia, Gianluca; Azzopardi, Maria; Saliba, Christian; Grech, Godfrey; Gross, Angelina S.; Pistolic, Jelena; Benes, Vladimir; Vassallo, Neville; Borg, Joseph; Madeo, Frank; Eisenberg, Tobias; Balzan, Rena
2016-01-17Id-90 anniversarju mill-FuzjoniMuscat, Richard
2017The FAAH inhibitor URB597 suppresses hippocampal maximal dentate afterdischarges and restores seizure-induced impairment of short and long-term synaptic plasticityColangeli, Roberto; Pierucci, Massimo; Benigno, Arcangelo; Campiani, Giuseppe; Butini, Stefania; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2018Preferential modulation of the lateral habenula activity by serotonin-2A rather than -2C receptors : electrophysiological and neuroanatomical evidenceDelicata, Francis; Bombardi, Cristiano; Pierucci, Massimo; Maio di, Roberto; Deurwaerdere de, Philippe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2018Cortical drive and thalamic feed-forward inhibition control thalamic output synchrony during absence seizuresMcCafferty, Cian P.; David, Francois; Venzi, Marcello; Lorincz, Magor L.; Delicata, Francis; Atherton, Zoe; Recchia, Gregorio; Orban, Gergely; Lambert, Regis C.; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Leresche, Nathalie; Crunelli, Vincenzo
2017Does the Serotonin2C receptor segregate circuits of the basal ganglia responding to cingulate cortex stimulation?Lagiere, Melanie; Bosc, Marion; Whitestone, Sara; Manem, Julien; Elboukhari, Hasna; Benazzouz, Abdelhamid; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Deurwaerdere de, Philippe
2018Behavioral fragmentation in the D1CT- 7 mouse model of Tourette’s syndromeSantangelo, Andrea; Bortolato, Marco; Mosher, Laura J.; Crescimanno, Giuseppe; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe; Cassioli, Emanuele; Ricca, Valdo; Casarrubea, Maurizio
2018Developmental changes of GABA immunoreactivity in cortico-thalamic networks of an absence seizure modelBombardi, Cristiano; Venzi, Marcello; Crunelli, Vincenzo; Di Giovanni, Giuseppe
2007Functional characterisation of a novel mutation causing episodic ataxia type 1 occurring in the KCNA1 geneImbrici, Paola; Gualandi, Francesca; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Cudia, Paola; Grandis, Domenico de; Ferlini, Alessandra; Pessia, Mauro
1992Effect of aspirin on the fibrinolytic response in perfused rat hindquartersIacoviello, Licia; Curtis, Amalia de; Amore, Concetta; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Buczko, Wlodzimierz; Gaetano, Giovanni de; Donati, Maria Benedetta
2004An episodic ataxia type-1 mutation in the S1 segment sensitises the hKv1.1 potassium channel to extracellular Zn2+Cusimano, Antonella; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Pessia, Mauro
1992Different response of vascular fibrinolysis to adrenergic stimulation in young and aged ratsIacoviello, Licia; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Curtis, Amalia de; Donati, Maria Benedetta
2009Contributions of the central hydrophobic residue in the PXP motif of voltage-dependent K+ channels to S6 flexibility and gating propertiesImbrici, Paola; Grottesi, Alessandro; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Tucker, Stephen J.; Pessia, Mauro
2017A novel KCNA1 mutation in a patient with paroxysmal ataxia, myokymia, painful contractures and metabolic dysfunctionsImbrici, Paola; Altamura, Concetta; Gualandi, Francesca; Felice Mangiatordi, Giuseppe; Neri, Marcella; Maria, Giovanni de; Ferlini, Alessandra; Padovani, Alessandro; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Nicolotti, Orazio; Pessia, Mauro; Conte, Diana; Filosto, Massimiliano; Desaphy, Jean-Francois
1996Morphological and hemostatic changes in rats with abdominal arterial prosthesisChabielska, Ewa; Kolpakov, Valeri A.; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Curtis, Amalia de; Buczko, Wlodizimierz X.; Iacoviello, Licia; Donati, Maria Benedetta
2017Lethal digenic mutations in the K+ 1 channels Kir4.1 (KCNJ10) and SLACK 2 (KCNT1) associated with severe-disabling seizures and neurodevelopmental delayHasan, Sonia; Balobaid, Ameera; Grottesi, Alessandro; Dabbagh, Omar; Cenciarini, Marta; Rawashdeh, Rifaat; Al-Sagheir, Afaf; Bove, Cecilia; Macchioni, Lara; Pessia, Mauro; Al-Owain, Mohammed; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina
1993Changes of the hemostatic balance in a model of aging in ratsCurtis, Amalia de; Iacoviello, Licia; D'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Donati, Maria Benedetta
1999Mutations in the KCNA1 gene associated with episodic ataxia type-1 syndrome impair heteromeric voltage-gated K+ channel functionD'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Imbrici, Paola; Sponcichetti, Fabio; Pessia, Mauro
2011The Kir5.1 potassium channel is an important determinant of neuronal PCO2/pH sensitivityD'Adamo, Maria Cristina; Shang, Lijun; Imbrici, Paola; Brown, Steve D. M.; Pessia, Mauro; Tucker, Stephen J.
2015-12Genetic determinants of visceral adiposity in Type 2 diabetes mellitusPace, Nikolai P.; Vassallo, Josanne; Felice, Alex E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 372