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2013The Gemin associates of survival motor neuron are required for motor function in drosophilaBorg, Rebecca; Cauchi, Ruben J.
2013The proapoptotic effect of traditional and novel nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in mammalian and yeast cellsFarrugia, Gianluca; Balzan, Rena
2013Aspirin-induced apoptosis of yeast cells is associated with mitochondrial superoxide radical accumulation and NAD(P)H oxidationFarrugia, Gianluca; Bannister, William H.; Vassallo, Neville; Balzan, Rena
2013Kevin's and Indira's guide to getting into medical schoolAhern, Kevin; Rajagopal, Indira
2013Biochemistry free & easyAhern, Kevin; Rajagopal, Indira
2018Biochemistry : free for allAhern, Kevin; Rajagopal, Indira; Tan, Taralyn
2017-07-15A graded tractographic parcellation of the temporal lobeBajada, Claude J.; Jackson, Rebecca L.; Haroon, Hamied A.; Azadbakht, Hojjatollah; Parker, Geoff J. M.; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.; Cloutman, Lauren L.
2018-04-15An emergent functional parcellation of the temporal cortexJackson, Rebecca L.; Bajada, Claude J.; Rice, Grace E.; Cloutman, Lauren L.; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.
2015-08-31Transport for language south of the sylvian fissure : the routes and history of the main tracts and stations in the ventral language networkBajada, Claude J.; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.; Cloutman, Lauren L.
2017-12-01The tract terminations in the temporal lobe : their location and associated functionsBajada, Claude J.; Haroon, Hamied H. A.; Azadbakht, Hojjatollah; Parker, Geoffrey J. M.; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.; Cloutman, Lauren L.
2012Genetic animal models of Tourette syndrome : the long and winding road from lab to clinicCauchi, Ruben J.; Tárnok, Zsanett
2012Two different binding modes of α-synuclein to lipid vesicles depending on its aggregation stateHögen, Tobias; Levin, Johannes; Schmidt, Felix; Caruana, Mario; Vassallo, Neville; Kretzschmar, Hans; Bötzel, Kai; Kamp, Frits; Giese, Armin
2012Conserved requirement for DEAD-box RNA helicase Gemin3 in Drosophila oogenesisCauchi, Ruben J.
2012Chemoorganotrophic bacteria isolated from biodeteriorated surfaces in cave and catacombsLeo, Filomena de; Iero, Agnese; Zammit, Gabrielle; Urzi, Clara E.
2012Oxidative stress and programmed cell death in yeastFarrugia, Gianluca; Balzan, Rena
2012The subaerophytic cyanobacterium Oculatella subterranea (Oscillatoriales, Cyanophyceae) gen. et sp. nov. : a cytomorphological and molecular descriptionZammit, Gabrielle; Billi, Daniela; Albertano, Patrizia
2011AMPA‐receptor‐mediated excitatory synaptic transmission is enhanced by iron‐induced α‐synuclein oligomersHüls, Sandra; Högen, Tobias; Vassallo, Neville; Danzer, Karin M.; Hengerer, Bastian; Giese, Armin; Herms, Jochen
2011The biodiversity of subaerophytic phototrophic biofilms from Maltese hypogeaZammit, Gabrielle; Billi, Daniela; Shubert, Elliot; Kastovsky, Jan; Albertano, Patrizia
2019Aspirin impairs acetyl-coenzyme A metabolism in redox-compromised yeast cellsFarrugia, Gianluca; Azzopardi, Maria; Saliba, Christian; Grech, Godfrey; Gross, Angelina S.; Pistolic, Jelena; Benes, Vladimir; Vassallo, Neville; Borg, Joseph; Madeo, Frank; Eisenberg, Tobias; Balzan, Rena
2016-01-17Id-90 anniversarju mill-FuzjoniMuscat, Richard
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 390