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Title: Non-monotonic search strategies for grammatical inference
Authors: Spina, Sandro
Abela, John
Keywords: Electronic information resource searching
Computer algorithms
Hierarchy (Linguistics)
Stratificational grammar
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of ICT
Citation: Abela, J., & Spina, S. (2004). Non-monotonic search strategies for grammatical inference. 2nd Computer Science Annual Workshop (CSAW’04), Kalkara. 95-100.
Abstract: Advances in DFA learning algorithms have been relatively slow over the past few years. After the introduction of Rodney Price’s EDSM heuristic [4], pushing the limits of DFA learning appears to be a very difficult task. The S-EDSM heuristic proposed in [6, 1], manages to improve slightly on what EDSM can do. In this paper we outline our current research results, and propose the use of non-monotonic search strategies in order to improve the success rate of DFA inference.
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