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Title: An e-Commerce framework for wearable devices
Authors: Micallef, Nicholas
Montebello, Matthew
Keywords: Electronic commerce
Ubiquitous computing
Wearable technology
Wearable computers
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of ICT
Citation: Micallef, N., & Montebello, M. (2007). An e-Commerce framework for wearable devices. 5th Computer Science Annual Workshop (CSAW’07), Msida. 187-191.
Abstract: The main drawback of pervasive computing is the lack of infrastructure on which ubiquitous applications should be deployed on. The deployment of the resources required by pervasive computing require expensive hardware. These considerable disadvantages led to the area of wearable computing. In this poster we briefly describe our work in the area of wearable computing, were we apply some major concepts of ubiquitous commerce to achieve a generic e-commerce framework that can be used by any wearable device.
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