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Title: Kanban scheduling system
Authors: Colombo, Christian
Abela, John
Keywords: Computer integrated manufacturing systems
Just-in-time systems
Production control
Genetic algorithms
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of Malta. Faculty of ICT
Citation: Abela, J. M., & Colombo, C. (2007). Kanban scheduling system. 5th Computer Science Annual Workshop (CSAW’07), Msida. 140-149.
Abstract: Nowadays manufacturing plants have adopted a demand- driven production control system also known as just-in-time production (JIT). This greatly reduces inventory costs because the buffers between the processes act as a blocking mechanism to indicate when production should stop and when eventually it can continue. One implementation of a JIT system is the Kanban system. Manufacturing in a JIT fashion, we face the challenge of flexibility to respond to changes in the customers’ demands, while at the same time remaining cost-effective. This work at- tempts to introduce automation to the process of Kanban scheduling in a manufacturing plant environment with a multi-level part type. The proposed solution is a Memetic Algorithm (MA) which tries to optimize schedules such that they meet the deadlines of customer orders without causing buffer overflows, while at the same time keeping setup time to a minimum and placing free periods sensibly if these occur. The evaluation shows that this was achieved and the MA gave better results than the manual system currently in use.
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