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Title: Preliminary results towards contract monitorability
Authors: Vella, Annalizz
Francalanza, Adrian
Keywords: Computer software -- Verification
Autonomous distributed systems
Computer network architectures
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Open Publishing Association
Citation: Vella, A., & Francalanza, A. (2016). Preliminary results towards contract monitorability. First Workshop on Pre- and Post- Deployment Verification Techniques.
Abstract: This paper discusses preliminary investigations on the monitorability of contracts for web service descriptions. There are settings where servers do not guarantee statically whether they satisfy some specified contract, which forces the client (i.e., the entity interacting with the server) to perform dynamic checks. This scenario may be viewed as an instance of Runtime Verification, where a pertinent question is whether contracts can be monitored for adequately at runtime, otherwise stated as the monitorability of contracts. We consider a simple language of finitary contracts describing both clients and servers, and develop a formal framework that describes server contract monitoring. We define monitor properties that potentially contribute towards a comprehensive notion of contract monitorability and show that our simple contract language satisfies these properties.
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