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Title: Prototypical composition ontology for rule-based languages
Authors: Assmann, Uwe
Henriksson, Jakob
Savga, Ilie
Montebello, Matthew
Kirchner, Claude
Keywords: Semantic Web
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: European Commission
Citation: Assmann, U., Henriksson, J., Savga, I., Montebello, M., & Kirchner, C. (2007). Prototypical composition ontology for rule-based languages, REWERSE European project deliverable. (IST-2004-506779). Munich, Germany.
Abstract: This paper presents an ontology for the composition of rule-based ontology languages. Since typing compositions is an important issue, the ontology consists of components: two upperlevel ontologies, the metamodel of the ontology language, and a metamodel of reuse constructs that play an important role in composition. With the interplay of these components, type-safe composition of ontology components can be achieved.
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