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Title: DIINS : a Domain Independent Information and Navigation System
Authors: Montebello, Matthew
Bonnici, Eric
Keywords: Artificial intelligence
Automobiles -- Navigation systems
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: IADIS
Citation: Montebello, M., & Bonnici, E. (2005). DIINS : a Domain Independent Information and Navigation System. 2005 WWW/Internet International Conference, Lisbon.
Abstract: A honeybee which has collected food, upon returning to its hive, will perform an impressive dance which is actually its way of communicating. It lets the other bees know the direction, relative to the sun, and distance of the food source. Such path-finding techniques have been used by animals long before the first human ever navigated his way accurately on land or sea. The scenario above is a perfect example of a Navigational Information-Network,the bees which have acquired this information may now find the food source without any further guidance. In our everyday life we are constantly acquiring information, although it may not be as vital as locating food. The information society is evolving and the availability of information is on the increase. This has also given rise to an increase in the demand for information, especially when it is available at a releVantime or location. One of the main objectives of this project is to provide an organisation with the ability to set up a custom navigation system for a specific area, no matter how remote. This project will also provide the organisation wtth the ability to provide relevant information to its users when they need it.
ISBN: 972892402X
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