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Title: Sowing the seed for an energy conscious society in Malta
Authors: Yousif, Charles
Farrugia, Robert N.
Fsadni, Mario
Keywords: Energy conservation -- Malta
Education -- Malta
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Energy Globe
Citation: Yousif, C., Farrugia, R. N., & Fsadni, M. (2000). Sowing the seed for an energy conscious society in Malta. Energy Globe 2000: The Award for Sustainable Energy, Austria.
Abstract: A one-day programme of studies aimed at school students between 13 and 16 years old has been devised and implemented for the last 3 years. The programme aims at increasing the awareness level of students and teachers, on the present energy situation in Malta and the detrimental effects that it is having on health, the environment and buildings. It also stimulates them to realise that their present social and living habits, whilst providing them with a temporarily better quality of life, frequently conflicts with the long-term sustainability of that quality. Remedies to these problems are discussed, which focus on energy conservation methods, energy efficiency implementations and use of renewable energy sources. This is the first time that such a programme has been implemented in Malta. During the scholastic year October to May of every year, schools are invited to apply for a one-day presentation, held at the Institute’s premises. The programme includes presentations, hands-on experience on operating renewable energy projects and video shows. Discussions are held and questions are asked in the course of the day. The short-term effects are already appearing by raising the interest of the younger generation in energy conservation and renewable energy applications. Some of the students who had visited our premises have opted to work on projects that deal with energy, the environment, buildings and renewable energy, for their project in “Systems of Knowledge”. This subject is compulsory for the final year of pre-university colleges, where a project involving “Technology and the Quality of Life”, has to be prepared and presented. It requires that every student presents a written report and builds a working model to demonstrate the concept of the project. On a long term basis, it is hoped that such initiatives will help promote energy consciousness among the citizens who will be more responsive towards the protection of the environment and the implementation of renewable energy applications in their own lives. It is also envisaged that university students will opt for specialised studies in these fields. Only then, one can launch national programmes to help alleviate the energy dilemma in Malta, where consumption is directly proportional to the rate of increase of the gross national product.
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