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Title: Aurelia spp. ecology in the Mediterranean Sea
Authors: Bonnet, Delphine
Molinero, Juan-Carlos
Batistic, Mirna
Boero, Ferdinando
Daly, Nejib
Deidun, Alan
Fuentes, Veronica
Golo, Raull
Gueroun, Sonia K. M.
Herve, Alain
Isinibilir, Melek
Kienberger, Karen
Kogovsek, Tjasa
Lucic, Davor
Malej, Alenka
Marques, Raquel
Miloslavic, Marijana
Pascual, Maria
Piraino, Stefano
Prieto, Laura
Yilmaz, Izzet Noyan
Zampardi, Serena
Zervoudaki, Soultana
Keywords: Scyphozoa
Marine biology -- Mediterranean Sea
Marine biodiversity -- Mediterranean Region
Jellyfishes -- Mediterranean Region
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: University of Malta. Department of Geosciences
Citation: Bonnet, D., Molinero, J.C., Batistic, M., Boero, F., Daly, N., Deidun, A.,...Zervoudaki, S. (2016). Aurelia spp. Ecology in the Mediterranean Sea. 5th International Jellyfish Bloom Symposium, Barcelona. 176
Abstract: Aurelia spp. are cosmopolitan scyphozoan species and probably the most studied jellyfish in the world. They inhabit nearshore waters, especially closed basins, such as coastal embayments, fjords and estuaries, occupying a great variety of habitats worldwide. Recent studies have addressed the biogeography of the genus Aurelia and reported that it constitutes a species-complex embracing numerous locally adapted species. The Mediterranean Sea is a hotspot of biodiversity threatened by climate change, which is expected to have a significant influence on the biodiversity and biogeography of marine populations. Here we compiled a comprehensive data set on Aurelia spp. occurrence in the Mediterranean Sea and assess the thermal niche in Mediterranean locations.
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