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Title: Collimation for the LHC high intensity beams
Authors: Aberle, Oliver
Assmann, Ralph W.
Bacher, J. P.
Baglin, Vincent
Bellodi, Giulia
Bertarelli, Alessandro
Bestmann, Patrick
Billen, R.
Boccone, Vittorio
Bouzoud, A. P.
Bracco, Chiara
Braun, Hans Heinrich
Bruce, Roderik
Brugger, Markus
Calatroni, Sergio
Caspers, Fritz
Cauchi, Marija
Cerutti, Francesco
Chamizo, R.
Cherif, Ahmed
Chiaveri, Enrico
Dallocchio, Alessandro
Deboy, Daniel
Dehning, Bernd
Donze, Mathieu
Hilleret, Noel
Holzer, Eva Barbara
Jacquet, D.
Jeanneret, J. B.
Jimenez, Jose Miguel
Jonker, M. J.
Kadi, Yacine
Kershaw, Keith
Kruk, G.
Lamont, Mike
Lari, Luisella
Lendaro, J.
Lettry, Jacques A.
Losito, Roberto
Magistris, Matteo
Masi, Alessandro
Mayer, Manfred
Metral, Elias
Mitifiot, C.
Mounet, Nicolas
Perret, Roger
Perrolaz, S.
Previtali, Valentina
Rathjen, Ch.
Redaelli, Stefano
Robert-Demolaize, Guillaume
Roderick, Chris
Roesler, Stefan
Rossi, Adriana
Ruggiero, Francesco
Santana, Mario
Schmidt, Ruediger
Sievers, Peter
Sobczak, Maciej
Tsoulou, Katerina
Valentino, Gianluca
Veyrunes, E.
Vincke, Heinz
Vlachoudis, Vasilis
Weiler, Thomas J.
Wenninger, Jorg
Wollmann, Daniel
Kaltchev, Dobrin I.
Bayshev, I. S.
Markiewicz, Thomas Walter
Mokhov, Nikolai V.
Ryazanov, A.
Sammut, Nicholas
Simos, Nikolaos
Keywords: Colliders (Nuclear physics)
Large Hadron Collider (France and Switzerland)
Electron beams
Particle beam instabilities
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: ICFA
Citation: Aberle, O., Assmann, R., Bacher, J. P., Baglin, V., Bellodi, G., Bertarelli, A.,... Simos, N. (2010). Collimation for the LHC high intensity beams. 46th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams, Morschach. 21-33.
Abstract: The unprecedented design intensities of the LHC require several important advances in beam collimation. With its more than 100 collimators, acting on various planes and beams, the LHC collimation system is the biggest and most performing such system ever designed and constructed. The solution for LHC collimation is explained, the technical components are introduced and the initial performance is presented. Residual beam leakage from the system is analysed. Measurements and simulations are presented which show that collimation efficiencies of better than 99.97 % have been measured with the 3.5 TeV proton beams of the LHC, in excellent agreement with expectations.
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