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Title: A global database of subaqueous landslides : a rallying call to the deep-water community
Authors: Clare, Michael
Chaytor, Jason
Dabson, Oliver
Gamboa, Davide
Georgiopoulou, Aggeliki
Katz, Oded
Krastel, Sebastian
Leon, Ricardo
Micallef, Aaron
Moscardelli, Lorena
Mueller, Christof
Jackson, Christopher
Wood, Lesli
Jobe, Zane
Keywords: Landslides -- Risk assessment
Marine ecology -- Mediterranean Sea
Submarine topography -- Mediterranean Sea
Submarine geology -- Research
Geomorphology -- Research
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Geological Society, London
Citation: Clare, M., Chaytor, J., Dabson, O., Gamboa, D., Georgiopoulou, A., Katz, O.,.. Jobe, Z. (2017). A global database of subaqueous landslides: a rallying call to the deep-water community. Deep-water Depositional Systems: Advances and Applications, London.
Abstract: Subaquatic landslides are common in lacustrine and marine environments. They pose a risk to coastal communities and offshore infrastructure. They can play an important role in the distribution and diversity of deep-sea ecosystems. Furthermore, their deposits can have importance for hydrocarbon exploration and production activities, acting as potential seals, and in some cases reservoir units. During the past decades geoscientists have made many important contributions towards the improved understanding of submarine landslides. Efforts by the geo-modelling community have helped fill the gap between submarine landslide occurrence, dynamics and tsunami genesis. However, our lack of understanding of the causal mechanisms and timing of submarine landslides has hampered progress in the development of deterministic and probabilistic assessment tools which are essential to implement appropriate mitigation measures.
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